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The map over on the right tab is very rough and experimental atm. Trying to find a program that I like and want to dedicate the time to making nicer versions.

Your Teachers

Kithsam is an Elven fire mage, serves as the librarian and scribe of Nissa.

Amalric is a half-elf ranger. A longbow specialist with proficiency in hand to hand. Obviously an outdoors enthusiast, tanner, engineer and trap maker.

Fedelm is a human Cleric of Arawai, herbalist and midwife. She oversee orphanage in spare time.

Madalen Eberhard is a halfling rogue. Socialite.

Gleran Nurin is a Dwarven monk. Hand to hand expert, despises weapons. Miner, weaponsmith.

Between the five of them, they are able to train students in whatever skills or abilities best suit the student. Random townfolk help provide examples or fill in any exotic interests.

Main Page

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