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From Beneath You It Devours is a homebrew campaign using the 5th edition rules and a balanced amount of roleplaying and combat strategy. The game will be run fairly quickly, any rules question will be determined on-the-spot and looked into after the session is over. The goal is to keep up the pace and have fun.


The world is physically divided into two parts, Sunside and Starside, by the Worldback Mountains. Sunside see roughly 20 hours of daylight and the rest dusk; Starside is the opposite with a few hours of dusk and the rest night. The planet revolves around binary stars.

The empire of Vaasa is comfortably peaceful and covers most of Sunside. A few hundred years ago, a human paladin Durin started wiping out all the evil races (goblins, orcs, etc.) and unifying kingdoms into what would become Vaasa. The survivors of those races mostly fled deep underground to the Underdark, past the dwarven and gnomish cities; although some fled through the mountain passes over to Starside. The last few generations have been relatively calm and secure – wild, dangerous animals still roam the deep forests or out near the boarders. They are allowed to exist and hunted as game. Evil still rears its head occasionally, but most drama comes from internal politics. When a hag or ghost does appear, the Order of the Purifying Sword is sent to dispatch the menace. This order was started by Durin and patrols the kingdom.

To the north are the icelands, realm of frost giants with their dragonkin slaves. To the south are wide expanses of desert, home of the nomadic thrikeen, sentient mantids. Starside is filled with fiefdoms that rise and fall like the wind blows. It is occupied by all manners of humanoids and intelligent monsters. Near the Worldback Mountains, trading outposts are stable because of their economic influence, but otherwise Starside is the wild west.


While things have been pretty calm and stable for many years, that is all about to end. We begin in the village of Nissa, part of the Vaasa Empire near the Worldback Mountains. You were accepted and recently arrived at the Dagar Adventuring School.

Character Creation

Player’s Handbook is usable.
Level 1.
Neutral to good alignment.
Stats: 18, 8 placeable as you choose; 1d10+8 in order for the rest.
General races are allowed – Vaasa is a largely tolerant kingdom. The exception to this is orc lineage. There is not large scale discrimination but some people still hold grudges. They are not completely welcome or accepted, often receiving disapproving glances. No half-orc race is available, but there is quarter-orc instead. Cut darkvision range in half and you gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.
Develop some back story. Background on pg 125 is recommended for randomness. Will work on this some during our character creation session.

House Rules

Will be utilizing a token system for temporary or permanent modifications (character stats or skills, bonus to roll, reroll, stabilization, etc.). Tokens will given for attendance as well as roleplaying your character well (similar to Inspiration system described on pg 125).

Home Page

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